Digital Transformation in Logistics

Boost Performance and Efficiency of Services

Eliminate paper and manual processes to gain competitive advantage

emSigner is a comprehensive digital workflow platform which helps many services & logistics organizations across the globe to operate with high speed and efficiency in document processing and approvals.

Hassle-free vendor on-boarding

Vendors play an important role in the supply chain network. emSigner helps you shorten vendor on-boarding cycle as well as automating vendor payments.

  • Reduce vendor on-boarding time from few days to a few hours with Multi-party digital signatures and real-time signing of documents
  • Automate the process for quick vendor onboarding, exchange of documents, audit sign-offs and payment processing

Advanced Features

emSigner has specific features to help ease your signing needs including signatory mapping based on cost center, automated signing (for On-Prem deployments) and Cloud HSM integration.

Efficient Collaboration

emSigner allows you to gain full visibility across the entire ‘source-to-settle’ process to exchange documents and messages electronically with your suppliers.

  • Initiate PO’s, supplementary documents and invoices anytime for approvals which enables smooth flow of vendor supplies
  • Fetch documents on the go from ERPs and SCMs eliminating the need to retrieve documents from different systems for day to day operations and audit requirements

Featured use cases

Service Contract Management

Create, review, edit, sign and approve contracts with up to 80% quicker turnaround time using emSigner.

Commercial/Service Invoice Signing

Sign your commercial/service invoices faster with emSigner.

Bill of Lading Signing

emSigner allows logistic companies to electronically sign bill of lading from anywhere, anytime.

Leveraging emSigner, Qurum Business Group digitized and streamlined end-to-end management of contracts with vendors and suppliers.

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