Driving Paperless Transformation

emSigner to improve quality, collaboration and agility on a global scale.

emSigner helps manufacturing companies go completely paperless by enabling the option to send documents to multiple stakeholders digitally from anywhere, anytime with the ability to attach legally valid electronic signatures.

Quicker and smoother vendor on-boarding

Vendors play an important role in manufacturing ecosystem owing to the complex nature of raw material procurement. emSigner helps you to reduce vendor on-boarding time which quickens vendor payments processing.

  • Digitally sign and encrypt legally binding contracts and guarantee the authenticity, integrity and confidentiality
  • Reduce vendor on-boarding time from a few days to a few hours with Multi-party digital signatures

Seamless Integration

emSigner can seamlessly integrate with existing ERP and SCM applications to enable workflow based approvals and digital signing of documents.

  • emSigner can integrate with internal and external applications to facilitate the signing of invoices, proposals, contracts etc
  • Access all documents at one place which helps to focus more on sales and distribution and worry less about documentation

Advanced Features

emSigner has specific features to help ease your signing needs including cost center wise signatory mapping, automated signing (for On-Prem deployments) and Cloud HSM integrations.

Featured use cases

Vendor/Supplier Onboarding

emSigner allows manufacturing companies to quickly digitize procedures and streamline workflows for vendor/supplier onboarding.

Invoice & PO Signing

Using emSigner, manufacturing companies can seamlessly sign invoices and POs using legally valid electronic or digital signature.

emSigner helps a steel manufacturer to go paperless by managing and streamlining critical processes with ease.

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