Digital Transformation in Procurement

Control Cost and Enforce Compliance

Accelerate and automate the procurement and supply process using emSigner.

Quicken the end to end 'source to settle' process in vendor management through a single platform - emSigner. Make processes from vendor on-boarding, contract signing, lifecycle management to vendor payments paperless and boost procurement efficiency

Quick Vendor On-boarding

emSigner enables you to collect all necessary documents from vendors online and on-board them real-time which cuts down time and cost by 70% as compared to paper based processes.

  • Enables quick document collection, scrutiny and vendor approval in real-time
  • Enables vendor on-boarding from anywhere, anytime by easy integrations to your ERPs, CRMs and SCM systems

Reduce Risk and Improve Governance

Improve visibility and governance, centrally store all your agreements, and standardize contract clauses and processes with emSigner. Adapt to changing regulatory environments, including data privacy obligations, with the power of pre-built AI.

Efficient Collaboration

emSigner allows you to gain full visibility across the entire source-to-settle process and exchange documents electronically with your suppliers.

  • Helps initiate purchase orders, supplementary documents and invoices for approvals thus enabling smooth flow of vendor supplies
  • Fetch documents on the go from ERPs and SCMs eliminating the need to retrieve documents from multiple systems for audit requirements

Featured Use Cases

Vendor/Supplier Management

By digitizing procedures and streamlining workflows, emSigner can remove the complexities involved in vendor/supplier management.

Contract Management

Create, review, edit, sign and approve contracts with up to 80% quicker turnaround time.

emSigner helps the procurement department of a reputed IT company to digitize and automate processes.

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