AI enabled Digitalization

Automate onboarding, invoicing and contracts with eSignatures, Workflows and AI

With emSigner, you can get up and running in hours, not weeks

We help you build digital platforms that integrates identity, data, documents and signatures into a single seamless journey through products that are readily pluggable.

Our Paperless Platform emSigner powered by AI
helps you quickly differentiate yourself against competition


Digitization is more than automation. It ensures regulatory compliance and reduces operational costs which improve the efficiency of the core business processes. Digitization enables revenue enhancement and increases the ability to communicate across multiple channels as well as attract potential new customers and business partners.

Data Security and Trust

We take our customers' data security and trust seriously. emSigner exceeds the global compliance and security standards and is committed to protecting customer data by investing in security practices and certifications for our internal development and operations processes.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence deepens insights and accelerates workflows and tasks driving real-time decisions. Adopt our AI-enabled platform that offers customer insights and helps against cybersecurity threats. We at emSigner work on new tools and processes to build our AI enabled software with trust and quality.

Digital Trust as a backbone

Digital Trust is the foundation that enables secure digital transformation. Our electronic and digital signature serves as a backbone and provides secure identities to users that can be used to legally prove their identity and transact in hundreds of global jurisdictions.

Comprehensive Digital Transaction Management

Workflow engines on cloud or deployed on-prem allows collaboration of documents, document management and multi-party signatures through simple and easy to use interfaces.

Build amazing digital journeys

Build digital journeys that gather identity, data, documents and signatures in your stakeholder ecosystem resulting in straight through processing and an amazing customer experience.

Leverage Artificial Intelligence

Ready made AI and NLP engines process large volume structured and unstructured data using open source stack to power text and document intelligence.

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