Document Signing Solution

Flexible and scalable electronic signature based document signing solution trusted by millions

Powerful Features

emSigner is a faster, most efficient way to sign and approve documents using legally valid electronic signature or Digital Signature Certificate from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Bulk Signing

Bulk signing feature offered by our electronic document signing solution is a convenient way for users to sign multiple documents in one go, thus saving substantial time in opening the document and signing them one by one.

Support for Remote Signing

emSigner supports remote signing of documents using long lived and one time cryptographic key pairs that are generated in an HSM on the server. This avoids the need for a crypto-token in jurisdictions where this is mandatory.

Easy Integration

External applications can easily integrate with emSigner with either powerful API’s or Signer Gateway. The signer gateway works like a payment gateway and supports electronic signing of documents by various users as part of a workflow.

Document Types

emSigner supports all types of document including Sign Docx, Doc, ODT, ODS, Xls,Xlsx, RTF and PDF.

Complete Audit Trail

emSigner provides comprehensive audit trail of every document with time-stamping, track changes and version controls.

Rule Based Signing

emSigner allows the users to dynamically route documents to different approving authorities based on rules.

Legal Compliance

emSigner allows the users to dynamically route documents to different approving authorities based on rules.


emSigner adheres to the international and federal electronic signature laws globally, including US eSign Act, eIDAS, Indian IT Act, UNCITRAL Model Act and more.

How to Digitally Sign Documents using emSigner?


Add Document to Sign

Upload your document or create a template to sign.


Assign Parties and Send

Assign signatories and send for signing.


Electronically Sign Document

Get multiple signatories/parties to electronically/digitally sign documents.


Archive Documents

Save, send and archive tamper-proof documents.

emSigner Works Seamlessly with your Favorite Business Tools

Electronically sign documents from within your preferred ERP and CRM tools. This includes:

  • Tally
  • SAP
  • SAGE
  • DXC and other popular applications

Simple for Individuals & Powerful for Businesses

Individuals and Professionals

Digitally sign and send documents quickly to free up time for more important work.

Individuals and Professionals
SMEs and Large Organizations

SMEs and Large Organizations

Complete audit trail, status reports, and timely reminders will help your team to be more efficient and productive. They’ll focus more on serving your customers and less on keeping a track on the paper trail.

Document signing has never been so easy. Try It Now