Digital Transformation in Education

Making Paperless Education a Reality

Paving the way for a Paperless Education ecosystem

Creating a roadmap for a secure future and paving way for a Paperless Education ecosystem. emSigner has enabled schools and universities across the globe in providing a world class experience to its students through quick onboarding, exchange of documents with digital signatures, QR codes and timestamping of documents between students and the educational institutions.

Transform Student Experience

  • Enable real-time student registration with capability to authenticate student identity instantly and allow them to digitally create, sign and submit forms through student portal
  • Enable sending digitally signed student performance reports online and secure digital issuance of diplomas

Long Term Archival

emSigner enables you to sign documents using digital signatures with a Timestamp. It also provides long term archival which allows documents to be retrieved well into the future. All documents in emSigner, whether uploaded, scanned or retrieved as part of an API, are auto tagged by the system and time-stamped with identification numbers to allow easy indexing, search and retrieval alongside eliminating the scope of altering the date and time of signatures.

AI Based Analytics

emSigner can easily be integrated with AI based analytics engine to power predictive modelling that can help drive student performance, enrollment, retention or meet any other institutional need.

  • Get advanced analysis on student behavior from onboarding to course completion to make key strategic decisions
  • emSigner can be easily integrated with your student management system which helps to arrive at key strategic decisions to improve student performance and retention

Featured use cases

Student Onboarding

emSigner allows educational institutions to quickly digitize procedures and streamline workflows for student onboarding.

Transcript Signing

Universities, colleges and other educational institutions can use various signing options provided by emSigner—serial, parallel, bulk, multi-party, HSM based signing — to sign transcripts in no time.


By combining advanced document creation engine with new-age security features such hybrid-QR code; emSigner allows universities, colleges and other educational institutions to issue secure e-Diplomas and help eliminate the menace of diploma fraud across the globe.

Certification Badges and Faculty Contracts

emSigner uniquely enables students to post authenticated badges on social media websites based on achieved academic credits. Faculty contracts can also be electronically signed and saved for easy access and retrieval for future renewals using emSigner.

Catholic University dematerialized and automated the issuance of certified diplomas and transcripts by emSigner.

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