Digital Transformation in Insurance

Accelerate digital transformation in Insurance

Digital transformation of your insurance company is just a step away!

emSigner can integrate with your core insurance systems to quickly share documents to customers for claim submission, query resolution and claim settlement. With emSigner you can collect documents from customers with real-time authentication via different authentication methods to choose from.

Seamless customer experience

Go 100% paperless and enhance your customer experience from seamless onboarding to interactions to claims processing using emSigner.

  • Enable digital customer registration by creating online forms with capability to authenticate customers
  • Enable electronic signature based claim submission and approval

Flexible Deployment Model

Insurance companies need to comply with various regulations including ones for data residency. emSigner is available as a Cloud Native and Dedicated Cloud for On-Prem deployment to support your data residency needs and compliance requirements.

Features specific to Insurance

With several large global customers, emSigner has specific features for maker/checker approvals, access control, customer isolation, dynamic signatories to handle any kind of signing scenarios across the Insurance Industry.

Featured use cases

Policy Issuance

emSigner allows you to reduce turnaround time for generating and issuing insurance policies or quotes by up to 80%.

Claims Submission and Settlement

Allow customers to electronically sign and submit insurance claims and settlement forms faster than ever using emSigner.

Policy Fraud Prevention

Utilize new-age security features such as Digital Signature Certificates and hybrid QR codes provided by emSigner to eliminate policy fraud.

emSigner help reduce cost and improve customer experience for a large life insurance company.

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