Services and Logistics

Boosting Performance and Efficiency of Services and Logistics Companies

Eliminate paper and manual processes to gain competitive advantage using emSigner.

Deliver a Truly Digital Customer Experience

“Paper-based invoicing processes are extremely tedious. Though invoices are auto-generated using existing ERP software, inability to electronically sign the invoice meant that documents were needed to be manually printed, signed and mailed to customers. emSigner helps eliminate this last mile of paper from any process and deliver a truly digital experience.”

-          Senior Manager, reputed service provider

Why emSigner?

Intuitive User Experience

emSigner provides a user friendly dashboard that makes it easy for user to find what they need.

Visibility & Collaboration

emSigner allows you to gain full visibility across the entire source-to-settle process and exchange documents or messages electronically with your employees/customers/vendors/suppliers.

Support Mobile Workforce

Employees and managers can use emSigner app to carry out real-time document authoring, reviews and approvals.

Use Cases

Service Contract Management

Create, review, edit, sign and approve contracts with up to 80% quicker turnaround time using emSigner.

Commercial/Service Invoice Signing

Sign your commercial/service invoices faster with emSigner.

Bill of Lading Signing

emSigner allows logistic companies to electronically sign bill of lading from anywhere, anytime.

A Real-life Example

Digital Contact Management

Leveraging emSigner, Qurum Business Group digitized and streamlined end-to-end management of contracts with vendors and suppliers.